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Download AOL Desktop for Mac for Mac to all-in-one AOL client with integrated mail, AIM, browser. Download AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - Get in touch with buddies or work contacts with personalized messages and audio chats, as well as transfer files or share your favorite photos.

  1. Once you have logged in to your Aol account via using a web browser, click on your account name at the top right corner.
Aol mac mail settings

Spark helps you take your inbox under control. Instantly see what’s important and quickly clean up the rest. Spark for Teams allows you to create, discuss, and share email with your colleagues.

  1. Then, go to the ‘Account security’ tab and switch the ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign in’ slider.

Add Your AOL Mail Account to Apple mail Using IMAP. To set up your Apple mail client to work with AOL: First, Select Mail Preferences; Then go to Accounts tab; Click '+' symbol to add a new account. Stay connected with the AOL app testing the subheader text. Stay connected with the AOL app. Get fast-loading AOL Mail, today's headlines and trending videos on your favorite smartphone and tablet. You'll receive instant push notifications for breaking news and incoming emails, and you can manage all of your phone and AOL contacts in one place.

Now you can authorize in Spark simply using your email and password. To do this, follow instructions below.

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install Spark mail app on your Mac to get started. If you’re already using Spark and want to add a AOL account, follow these instructions here instead.
  2. Launch Spark for Mac
  3. Click on “Start using Spark” on the welcome screen.
  1. Type in your email address, tick the checkbox next to “I agree to the Spark Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Next” button.
  1. On the next screen, enter your AOL password and click Next. Then, click on the blue ‘Allow’ button to grant Spark access to your email account, so you can use your AOL within Spark.

That’s it! There are no Settings to configure and no servers to specify. Just sign into your AOL account and start using Spark for Mac.


How to Add AOL Email to Spark for Mac

If you are already using Spark Mail app on your Mac and want to add your AOL account, simply follow these steps.

Aol mail download for macAol Mail Download For Mac
  1. Launch Spark for Mac
  2. At the top left of your screen, click on “Spark” > “Add Account…”
  1. Click on “Set Up Account Manually”
  1. In the “Title” field, enter ‘AOL Account’ or anything else you prefer (optional)
  2. Fill in the “Email” and “Password” fields with your @AOL email and password, and then click the ‘Add’ button.
  1. Once you’re signed in, AOL may ask you if you want to grant Spark access to your account. Click OK to access all your AOL emails in Spark for Mac.

That’s it! Spark will automatically set up your AOL account on Mac and all your emails will be available to use on your Mac.

AOL Mail is one of the most excellent email service providers in America. AOL stands for America Online has been an internet pioneer since the mid-90’s. The company is known throughout the world for their iconic services like AOL Mail, AOL web portal and other online services.

AOL Mail is an excellent alternative to the mainstream email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. AOL Mail has an additional advantage that lets you use the AOL Mail on third-party applications and read or send emails through them.

AOL Mail IMAP settings allow you to send, download and receive the emails on any applications. AOL server settings need to be set accordingly, and you can use the AOL Mail.

Yahoo Mail For Mac Download

AOL Mail servers run on three main protocols that are – IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. However, users find AOL Mail IMAP settings to be better than the AOL POP3 server setting or AOL SMTP settings.

Choosing between IMAP vs SMTP can be confusing but don’t worry, we can help you to set up your account.

Steps to Set up AOL Mail Account

If you want to sync the AOL Mail account to your Outlook on Mac, then you have to follow some simple instructions. These instructions can clear out your doubts within a few minutes.

Aol Mail App For Mac

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2011 in your Mac.
  • After receiving a welcome screen on Outlook 2011, click on the Add Account
  • If you don’t see a welcome screen then go to Tools > Accounts > Add Account from the Menu bar.
  • Then click on Email Account
  • Now edit the settings manually by following the below mentioned instructions carefully.
  • You have to enter your email address, password and username also.
  • Choose the IMAP type.
  • For the Incoming server use this: / Either 993 (SSL) or 143 (or 585)
  • For the Outgoing server use this: / 587 (TLS) (or 2525)
  • Now click on Add Account.
  • Now click on More Options.
  • Select the option of Incoming Server Info for the Authentication
  • Tap on OK.
  • Check if you inserted every information correctly and close the window.
  • Now after editing the AOL server settings successfully you can use your AOL Mail account via Outlook 2011 on your Mac.

You can also import your POP account into IMAP account, follow the instructions to do that.

  • Click on the Tools
  • Tap on Import
  • Click on the Outlook Data File and proceed to click on the right arrow. Select any extension between .pst and .olm to continue.
  • You can browse your file that you want to import.
  • Click on Done.
  • The next important step is to disable your old POP account from Outlook. If you don’t disable it, you’ll keep receiving emails in the old account.
  • Go to Account Settings and Delete the old POP account.

Now, you are all set to use your Mail account. You can also explore the additional features provided by the Outlook 2011 on Mac.

Aol Mail App Download

Final Words

AOL is a great alternative when it comes to mainstream email service providers. AOL also has some unique security features that other email service providers don’t. You can access the benefit of accessing your emails on any device or third-party applications.

All you have to do is follow a bunch of instructions to alter the AOL server settings, and we are done. Once you complete the process, you can read, download and send emails on any application like Outlook 2011.

If you encounter any technical issue that you can’t get rid of despite the solutions, you can always contact AOL tech support for the help. They look into the matter and help you out as quickly as possible.