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Barco Adds Desktop App to Button Driven Meetings

  • Beforehand: The repeated clicking to start the ClickShare Client software application can be bypassed by pre-installing the launcher. The Launcher is available for Microsoft and Mac systems. Download the Launcher. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Insert the ClickShare Button into the USB port of your PC/Mac.
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ClickShare is launching a Desktop App for PC and Mac alongside the well-known ClickShare Apps for mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices). That means that in addition to presenting with the iconic ClickShare Button, sharing with software or a combination of both hardware and software is now also possible.

The combination of sharing content with both Button and App provides you the most intuitive and richest way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities in the ClickShare App such as presence detection, extended desktop (on Windows, when Extension pack is installed), pause function, etc.

ClickShare Wireless Presentation and Conferencing technology creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact easily and naturally. The ClickShare App lets you easily connect to the meeting room, allowing you to share any content on your device with everyone in the meeting. Download the ClickShare macOS application Download now! For an optimal experience we advise to install the latest firmware on your ClickShare Base Unit - More info. Clickshare and Mac OS 10.14 Mojave Those of you with Mac laptops will recall how Clickshare stopped working for a while when OS 10.12 Sierra was rolled out; when Clickshare released an update for their software most courts seemed unaware of this and failed to upgrade their Clickshare.

Download the ClickShare Appfor free from, and you are ready to share your content.Make sure to have firmware version 1.7 installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App.

What’s unique about the ClickShare App:

Intuitive experience in all meeting rooms
Share in a straight forward and intuitive way whether there is a Button in the room or not. The App and Button are perfectly complementing each other in any meeting room​.

Swift installation
Simply download the app from; you don’t need admin rights for the installation.

Fast on screen
With a click on the button in the ClickShare App, you get on screen in seconds and start collaborating.

Works with every ClickShare model
No matter which ClickShare you have in your meeting room, the App is compatible with the entire portfolio.

Secure as always
For ClickShare the highest security standards are used, including for the brand new App.

Intuitive experience in all meeting rooms
Go beyond sharing and get the latest collaboration experiences through frequent, automatic updates: pause sharing … and much more to come in future.

Pause sharing and keep the presentation on screen while you work on something else on your laptop or desktop.

Presence detection
Walk in and select the meeting room that is within your vicinity from a convenient list.

Advantages of using the ClickShare App:


It gives your company the freedom to choose how you want to allow sharing of content: via the Button, the Desktop App or both.


The ClickShare Desktop App will require the installation of the App on the employee’s desktop. Just like for the entire ClickShare range, the Desktop App has been built to meet the highest security requirements, so your IT department can easily and securely roll the App out to the entire company.

Future Innovation

With updates later this year, the Desktop App will become the driver for richer and enhanced collaboration in the meeting room. The Desktop App already has a number of power user features.

Using the ClickShare Button and App together! No need to choose…

You can use either the iconic ClickShare Button or decide to work with the ClickShare Desktop App. In a networked environment we suggest to go for an App-first deployment. Whereas in a standalone setup the Button makes sure your computer wi-fi is not solely used for screen sharing.

Clickshare Application Download

For example, you can use both together: quick on screen access with the ClickShare Button, then to the App to use power features such as pausing.