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ABBYY Connector for Alteryx delivers the integration between ABBYY Timeline platform and Alteryx APA Platform TM, so that Alteryx data sources and assets can be accessed and leveraged by ABBYY Timeline to deliver insight into the data-driven processes as the result of advanced process analytics. As Alteryx runs on Windows, there are two ways to install Alteryx on a Mac: 1) Use Boot Camp. 2) Use a virtual machine product (emulates Windows within macOS) like VMWare, VirtualBox (open source), or Parallels, among others. Note that any of the above solutions require a Windows licens. Data transformation, wrangling and munging software for Windows and Mac. Merge, dedupe, clean and reformat Excel & CSV files without programming. Download Tableau Desktop today and start visualising your data. Start a 14-day free trial and discover the power of fast and easy data visualisation.

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Top 50+ Alteryx Shortcuts for Windows. Alteryx is popularly known as a Self-Service Analytics tool. Business users can build their data workflows in Alteryx by quickly blending and preparing the data without any programming skills. As it is used so extensively it is very handy to know Alteryx Shortcuts. Dive into the following Alteryx Shortcuts and use it with ease.

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Most used Alteryx Shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Alteryx ShortcutsAction
Ctrl + AFor selecting all items in a Alteryx file
Alt + F4Close Alteryx Designer
Ctrl + DFor deselecting all the items in a file
Ctrl + Shift ++For vertical alignment of tools
Ctrl + Shift + –For horizontal alignment of tools
Arrow KeyTo move the tool selected
Ctrl + Arrow KeyTo move the tool selected by one pixel
DeleteTo delete the tool selected
Scroll functionTo scroll vertically
Shift + Scroll functionTo scroll horizontally
Arrow KeyTo move up, down, left or right
Shift + Arrow KeysSkip up, down, left or right
Home or End Jump top or bottom
Shift + Home or EndJump to left or right
Space Bar + Left ClickPan
Hold Mouse center button Pan
Ctrl + + or –Zoom in or out
Ctrl + Scroll functionFor Zoom from or to a cursor
Ctrl + 0For Zooming entire workflow
Double click mouse center buttonFor Zooming entire workflow
Ctrl + 0To jump to the selection
Ctrl + 1 through 5To jump out or in
Right-click and drag to select the magnifying glassTo Zoom Area
Ctrl + Alt + T Display Tool Pallet
Ctrl + Alt + VDisplay Overview
Ctrl + Alt + RDisplay Results Window
Ctrl + Alt + CDisplay Configuration Window
Double click on the Canvas or any ToolReopens the configuration Window After Closing
Ctrl + Alt + DDisplays Interface Designer
Ctrl + FOpens Find Tool Window
Ctrl + RRun or Stop Workflow
Ctrl + OOpen Workflow
Ctrl + F4Closes the opened Workflow
Ctrl + SSaves Workflow
Ctrl + Shift + SSaves all the open Workflows
Ctrl + NNew Workflow
Ctrl + TabAllos to Move Between the Workflows
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
F1Open help page for the selected tool
Alt + F4Close Alteryx Designer
SpacebarCloses the window finished running
Ctrl + Shift + BA browsing tool is added for each selected tool; if multiple tools are selected then all of them are added with a browsing tool.
Alt, then underline menu letterActivate menu and select menu item
Alt + SpaceThe System menu is displayed
Drag the required files directly to the canvasOpens on or more files.
Click on the color box and press Ctrl + C to copy the color and Ctrl + V to paste the color in other boxes.Copy and paste the color value
F5Refreshes the window

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