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SoftwareMPICH is distributed under a BSD-like license.NOTE: MPICH binary packages are available in many UNIX distributions and for Windows. For example, you can search for it using “yum” (on Fedora), “apt” (Debian/Ubuntu), “pkg_add” (FreeBSD) or “port”/”brew” (Mac OS). If available for your platform, this is likely the easiest installation method since it automatically checks for dependency packages and installs them. Otherwise you can use the installation guide for installing MPICH from the source code below.

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mpich-3.3.2 (stable release)MPICH[http]26 MB
hydra-3.3.2 (stable release)Hydra (mpiexec)[http]4 MB
mpich-3.4b1 (alpha release)MPICH[http]29 MB
hydra-3.4b1 (alpha release)Hydra (mpiexec)[http]4 MB
Older releases are available here. Nightly snapshots are available here.MPE releases are available here.

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Packages Included in UNIX/Windows Distributions:

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Coot Crystallography Mac

PlatformMaintainer(s)DownloadBase MPICH Version
UbuntuTorquilMacdonald Sorensen[cosmic]3.3
DebianTorquilMacdonald Sorensen[buster]3.3
Fedora/RHEL/CentOSDeji Akingunola[fc31]3.2.1
Arch LinuxJedBrown[http]3.3
Mac OS (via MacPorts)Eric A. Borisch[stable]3.3
Mac OS (via homebrew)Yanfei Guo[stable]3.3
OpenIndianaAurelien Larcher[http]3.2
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft MPI Team[http]1.0.3