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Did you ever think of playing YouTube videos outside your browsers? Playing your favorite YouTube video on your desktop can some time is a daunting task especially if you do not have the required software. There appears no easy way, however with the right desktop YouTube player you can make in when it come to enjoying your favorite video on YouTube. Surprising there exist some software that will equip your desktop with this functionality upon installation.

iTube HD Video Downloader - The Best YouTube Player and Downloader

Free html5 player download windows 10. Multimedia tools downloads - HTML5 Video Player by and many more programs are available for instant and free download. When I try to download files, they download as txt files or downloads fail. I can manually go in and change the file extensions, ie.exe, to make these files work. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for HTML5 Video Downloader. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for HTML5, CSS, PHP & JavaScript. Mac users interested in Html5 player generally download: HTML5 Video Player 1.2 HTML5 Video Player is a program designed for users who wish to embed clips from their local drives in their personal websites. Best HTML5 Video Downloader for Freely Obtaining Various High Quality HTML5 Videos. MacX Video Converter Pro - Enable you to download HTML5 video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other 1000+ online sites using HTML5 video in one click and the built-in hardware encoder aids you to convert any video to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, iPhone, iPad and Android devices at the fastest speed.

iTube HD Video Downloader is recommended as the best YouTube player for Mac (macOS Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra included). With it, you will be capable of playing your favorite videos from popular video websites with high-definition quality and various playback controls. The most attractive feature of this tool is that it allows you to download your favorite videos and movies from YouTube and other streaming websites. After installing the program will automatically detect the video for you and subsequently shows the 'Download' button. You only need to click the 'Download' button to get any video you like.

  • The application offers presets for various portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, smartphones and many more, thus making it the ideal tool for your daily use.
  • It supports a wide variety of video and audio formats that include MP4, M4V, MPEG4, AVI, 3GP, AAC, MP3 among others.
  • It is also a YouTube Playlist Player, a YouTube HTML5 Player or a YouTube Flash Player.
  • It is compatible with all macOS, including 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra & 10.11 El Capitan.


Just like any other YouTube desktop player, Tubbler gives you the ability to play your favorite movies or audio on your desktop with a lot of ease. What you only have to do is to copy and drag your favorite movie URL and add to the movie query so that you can be able to pay them instantly. It supports safari extension, which means it only takes a single click to get your favorite running YouTube movie from into Tubbler in your desktop.

With the play mode, you can change the way you want to view your movie just only in any other media player of your choice. This program is light and does not require an installation of flash player therefore has a lower CPU usage which will definitely translate to a longer battery life.

NikomSoft YouTube Desktop Player

NikomSoft YouTube Desktop Player is an application, available for Windows and Mac that allows you to play, search, download, and convert downloaded videos to AVI, MPG, MP3 and iPhone format. Implements features that give you a better user experience like creating and managing playlists, video search, and search suggest, video download, download your YouTube account playlists.


If you are all for simplicity, Tuba will be the app for you. On the other hand, if you would like to see more features, it is worth looking into Tuba. This application provides a finger-licking slick alternative to the user interface. It looks like you would expect the official YouTube application to look; complete with popular video listings, playlists and subscriptions. In addition, Tuba adds a couple of cool features of its own, like 'pull down to refresh' which is popping up in more and more Mac applications.

Html5 Player For Mac

Part 2. How to Play YouTube Videos Using the Best YouTube Players

iTube HD Video Downloader can do pretty well on playing YouTube videos. You can use it to download videos from various video-sharing sites like YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, Hulu, Dailymotion, Facebook and more. And you are able to convert the videos to fit your portable devices. What's more, you can play the downloaded or existing videos with the built-in FLV player. From the below tutorial, you can learn how to download and watch YouTube videos.

Tutorial for How to Play YouTube Videos

Step 1. Install the YouTube Video Player

First, you will have to download the software then install it in your Mac computer, which should only take some few seconds. After a successful installation in your desktop, launch the program.

Step 2. Download Videos from YouTube

Then launch any browser of your choice however it is recommended to use the latest editions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox even though it still supports the previous editions. Then visit after which the program will detect the webpage and initiate a 'Download' Button that will be placed at the top right corner of the video. After which the program will offer you with three options to download the video.

  • Click the 'Download' button and let the YouTube download wizard do the rest for you.
  • Drag the video URL to the iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac dock icon to start downloading
  • Copy the video URL of the video page, and click 'Paste URL' button in the primary window to capture the video immediately.

Step 3. Play the YouTube Videos with built-in YouTube player

When you finish downloading all the videos, you can go to the 'Downloaded' tab to view the video list. You can double click any one of the videos to play it directly. Or you can right-click the video and select the 'Play' option to play it. Regardless of the video format, you can play it as easy as a breeze.

Part 3. List of the 3 Best YouTube Playlist Player

YouTube is just one of the greatest things that has ever happened since it is a great source of entertainment that does not cost anything to many. With the large amount of content available in YouTube listening to playlist available in you, YouTube is a great way of checking out the new song that can work for you.

However, the experience cannot be that smooth since you will have to put up with ads, which are nowadays very common with YouTube. Nevertheless you can have a cleaner experience with the use of YouTube Playlist Player. Here is a list of 5 desktop software that can play YouTube playlist.

When it comes to downloading and playing of the entire YouTube playlist, iTube HD Video Downloader is exactly what you need. This program is instrumental in playing web videos such as YouTube meaning it can also handle all the playlists that are available in YouTube. iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is the best solution for playing YouTube playlist since it has great user interface that makes the experience manageable.

In addition, you can directly save your favorite videos directly to your Mac computer with preferred format. In addition, it supports three browsers including the famous safari, which is commonly and widely used by Mac users. The embedded video player is a guarantee that its program will not let you down since it will enable you play your video smoothly.


YTubePlayer is another popular YouTube player packed with a number of interesting features among them being playing YouTube video playlist. It is user friendly since it comes with a clean as well as easy to navigate user enriches your experience. It also offers users with specific search filters for video game and movie trailers that can be helpful in searching your YouTube playlist with a lot of ease.

Download html5 software

Other than that, YTubePlayer comes with the ability to synchronize your YouTube account and the media player a feature that will allow you to automatically bring in your already existing playlists right into the desktop application. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the video player video player built into YTubePlayer gives you the ability to access all elements you would directly on YouTube.

VLC Media Player

With VLC media player, you are going to enjoy YouTube playlist. As mentioned earlier this desktop media player supports various platforms but in this case, it supports Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Then again it is worth noting that VLC, by default, only supports single YouTube URLs, however , it is has the ability to bring in a complete YouTube Playlist of your choice into VLC with a lot of ease. You will therefore watch all the videos present I the playlist in sequence.

Part 4. List of the 3 Best YouTube HTML5 Players

There has been that much talk surrounding HTML5 recently since YouTube adopted this technology with many speculating that it will Adobe's Flash. However, there is need for use to get it right before continuing with the discussion. First things first, what is HTML5? HTML5 video is supposed to be the latest standard way to view video on the web exclusive of plugins. This means that they will have to define a new element that has a standard way of embedding a video or movie on a web page.

It is evident that currently over 80% of the market have now adopted the HTML5. This is evident with the number of browsers that have adopted the technology. However, the biggest challenge with this technology is its ability to split support for audio/video formats. HTML5 video tag supports several attributes that are also supported in a number of browsers and devices. The video tag also provides widespread JavaScript API for controlling its content. Though still in trial, playing HTML5 Videos on YouTube is possible. What you need to have is a supported web browser, which include:

  • Google Chrome - supports WebM
  • Firefox 4 - supports WebM
  • Opera 10.6+ - supports WebM
  • Apple Safari - supports h.264
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 - supports h.264, WebM
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 - only with the installation of Google Chrome Frame

Once you have opted to use this trial rather than the normal Adobe Flash Player however you will only be able to play only supported videos. Currently there is no support for videos that have ads. Below are the 4 best YouTube HTML5 players. Have a look!

When it comes to downloading and playing HTML5, iTube HD Video Downloader is exactly what you need since it has all the functions that you may think of. In addition, it comes with plenty of advantages because this program supports virtually all apple dives including iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c among others. Into the bargain, iTube HD Video Downloader is the best program that will come to your rescue when it comes to playing HTML5 videos anywhere and anytime.

iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is the best solution for playing HTML5 videos since it is user friendly and has great user interface that makes the experience manageable. In addition, you can directly save your favorite videos directly to your preferred format. It supports three browsers including the famous safari, which is commonly and widely used by Mac users. The embedded video player is a guarantee that its program will not let you down since it will enable you play your video smoothly owing to the fact that it is a video player for Mac (Mavericks).


Handbrake is one of the tools that can work for you when it comes to playing HTML videos in your desktop. However, it comes in two forms, which are the graphical and command-line. After the installation, run the HandBrake application than select your video source. Click the 'Source' dropdown button after which select the 'Video File' of your choice. The best thing about this application is that it virtually takes any video output with a lot of ease as long as it is produced by consumer-level camcorders.

In most cases after selecting your video source you will get a warning pop up that you have not set a default directory to save your encoded videos. However, you can decide to safely ignore this message and opt for opening the options window and set a default output directory. Then again, on the presets value it is important to select 'iPhone & iPod Touch' preset so that it can accommodate most of the options you need to functions on Mac OS. In the audio tab, here is nothing that you need to change since it will work properly without any changers. Finally click the Start button to start encoding the video while you watch it even if it is downloading.


It is another simple software that can accomplish the task. It takes a few mouse clicks to embed into your website so that is can play your videos after it has encode your video to HTML5 video compatible format. It supports both modern and older versions of browsers. In addition, it also supports Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple device despite being initially made for Windows platform. Another great advantage of this software is that is light therefore, it does not consume alto of space of your memory.

Part 5. List of the 5 Best YouTube Flash Players

At one time or another, you must have encountered a problem with YouTube and you have been wondering what might be the problem. This means that you get the error when it tries to play embedded YouTube videos in particular. Sometimes it can be errors caused by the plug-in compatibility issues or something to do with ad blocking and privacy protecting extensions. Here is a List 5 flash player for YouTube, including iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac.

On the other hand, if you are using fire fox it is important to check on the Firefox Safe Mode since it disables most add-ons. Flash player has been one of the main components in order that your browser. It has become one of the essential plug-in for the browses to run videos. Here are the best 5 players for YouTube Flash Videos.

iTube HD Video Downloader is one of the best software's that acts as a flash player. This program is designed to support playing movies on your desktop. With it you can view your favorite videos with HD resolution and multiple playback controls. iTube HD Video Downloader for Mac is not only a flash video player, but also an all-in-one video downloader and converter. You can freely download videos from YouTube and other popular sites and then convert them to any format or your portable devices.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player as the it supports numerous platforms and is useful in playing you tube video. It comes for free and can be downloaded any time in the internet. It is on flash player that is widely used in the world today.


Advanced Flash Player 5

It is an easy to use flash player with a user interface that can be used with anyone. This flash player only plays SWF video files in addition to opening PEG images. This program allows the user to create his own media library.

Macromedia Flash Player

Macromedia flash player as it supports numerous platforms and is useful in playing you tube video. It comes free and can be downloaded any time in the internet. It is on flash player that is widely used in the world today.

Free Flash Player

Download Html5 Software

Free Flash Player this program it is a compact utility that is handy when it comes to playing videos without any problems. It is build to b a free and faster program. It is designed as a Macromedia Flash player thus giving the user the ability to watch online movies clearly.

The trending word in the online strategy is Video, which is being the viral platform on the web that has been viewed by the web user. The HTML5 video players have shaped such an adorable video. The embedded video configuration would be presented on the web page by using the aspect of HTML5. The list of top HTML5 video players are here.

Table of Contents

Top 10 HTML5 Video Players

This will completely define the format of video by assigning the controlling options like play, volume, and pause including all other structured attributes. The below are the top HTL5 video players that have been performing in an ultimate way.

1.JW player

This is the only player which is originated initially in the category of HTML 5 video player. It can hook up by supporting adaptive bitrate, streaming of RTMP which are required in Wowza media server and Flash media server.

It has the flexibility to maintain CDNs in Amazon CloudFront, CD Networks, Limelight and Highwinds etc. It offers the users to generate the plug-ins of our own. The WordPress, Joomla and Drupal options of CMS have been generated in this JWplayer.


Video JS is a freely available HTML 5 video player and the playback option to preload and autoplay will be assigned. It could be compactable on personal computers and smartphones. By the insertion of plug-in, it can synchronize with Vimeo and YouTube along Flash video. Around 200,000 websites have been using the VideoJS.


It requires no license to use and it compactable with HTML5, Abobe Flash and in all web browsers. By considering the most important platforms it has been coated with plug-ins that are freely available.


The embedded video of the Plyr can hold on video playbacks of YouTube and Vimeo. It also accesses the captions of VTT and has availability of providing both the formats of HTML5 video and audio. The more features like playback, volume, and pause, etc. can be operated as an API.

Download Html5 Player For Mac

5.Ultimate Video Player

The name itself defines the character of this player as it secures the data if the web users are using any expired browsers. The videos on Ultimate video player are played on a user-friendly device like mobile and the most common device like PC by IE8.

The embed videos of ultimate video player will be shared on social media sites. It also has the unique feature to download the videos containing some more alternatives.


This is framed with Javascript which is freely available video player. It plays the video without considering the source format like HTML5, VLC or Flash media player. It can be played on devices of personal computers or mobiles and also the API can be carried to make the effective format of video.

Download Html5 For Free

7.Elite video player

It is a self-hosted video player which clutch with YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo and Amazon S3. The ultimate features including adjustable width-height, a format of full screen, a creation of playlist for YouTube etc. It is more beneficial to merge mid roll, post roll and pre-roll ads in the video.

8.YouTube HTML5 Video Player

YouTube has produced the best HTML5 video player as a default tool in all major browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. ‘Report playback issue’ will be provided to eliminate any problems raised in the video.

It can assist the media source extensions, H.264, MSE & WebM VP9, WebM VP8 and HTML video element.


It is a format of JavaScript that supports both the video and audio that have been accessed on any web page. It can be used by anyone who is going to deliver the ultimate video on the web.

This concept originated from the Mozilla. It is also accessible with SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. Choosing Popcorn.js is the best way to do in a simple way.


This is the best performing player in the list of HTML5 video players and it produces the fine result by using the elements of HTML5. This can hold the different formats of video files and we can observe the quick response time.


The above-listed tools are in the top most position as the best performers of the HTML5 video players. If you want to make the video in a simple and efficient way just go on using those tools.

JW Player: Flexible Video Platform & HTML5 Video Player [Review]

There are many video platforms and HTML5 video player for content delivery. The list is displayed if you enter the search term video player, but in spite of it, finding the video player that meets the requirements is difficult.JW Player is one of the World’s Best Video Player

To choose a video player the user needs to ask himself some questions. First is the nature of video to be played, what the user is expecting about the player, how the video is encoded, and what is the budget of the user is. HTML5 web browsers cannot handle all the formats and codecs.

To reach more viewers on multiple devices, the user should be able to deliver the video content in a minimum of two formats. The forms depend on the target audience.

The next consideration for choosing the best and flexible video player is to check the features. Basic playback, play, pause are the most common features, and other desired characteristics include the full-screen display, volume control, skinning, etc. check if the video player also offers closed caption/subtitles option, ad insertion, audio track selection, playlists, watermarks, etc.

JW Player is one of the most used media players. Free as well as paid plans are available.

Features of JW Player

Html5 Download Windows 8

JW Player can be used to play the most common video and audio formats. It is cloud-based. It has multiple skins. It has around nine different player skins.

Its other features include the custom branding, social sharing, Google Analytics support, caption, HD switching and much more.

JW Player is the most used video player and OTS player. Jeroen Wijering created it.

JW Player is self-hosted as well as cloud-hosted video player. Implementation of the player is straightforward. It updates automatically.

Download html5 player for chrome

JW Player Advantages

This most advanced video player and it is responsive HTML5.

Download html5 software

There is no need to have technical knowledge or experience to use the JW Player.

Anyone can publish video with this player. It is easy to add the external URLs or to upload videos to the platform.

Video metadata can improve by adding the tags, descriptions, thumbnails, etc.

Another exciting feature of the video player is the Ad schedule builder. Content performance can be analyzed based on device, geography and domain activity.

JW Player Speed

JW Player is fast, and using it on your website does not affect the loading speed of the webpage. The playback is immediate and gives a better viewing experience. The design is mobile optimized so that the viewer interaction is improved.

The load time of the website should not exceed two seconds, according to studies. It can lead to a video abandonment rate increase. If the video keeps buffering, negative emotions will create an engagement decreases.

Publishers thus should choose a player that does not cause poor playback. JW player claims that their goal is to provide excellent load time across all devices and browsers, so that buffering screen does not appear to the viewer.

Only the necessary components loaded during playback. JW Player is lightweight. The embed script of JW8 is smaller and thus makes fewer server requests. The entire website experience improved with JW Player.

JW Player Customization

Customizing the JW Player is easy. Brands using the media player can customize as per their branding needs. There are more customization options for the publishers.

JW overhauled the entire customization process for its upcoming release.

The new customizations provide greater control and increase ease of use. They also introduced a player builder.

JW Player Pricing

JW Player is available for free trial under starter category. The core feature for this category is HTML5 video player, HLS, Dash Adaptive streaming analysis showcase video gallery and others.

The starter package is suitable for content creators, and developer used price is $10 per month and billed annually. The free trial on starter edition can use for fourteen days. After this period the user is rolled into an annual subscription.

The business package priced $50 per month, and this also billed annually. Advanced features like live event streaming and real-time video analytics can be accessed. These features up to 1500 videos and is suitable for small businesses and agencies.

Another JW Player pricing option is Enterprise. This package is better suited for publishers and broadcasters. High volume streaming, no revenue sharing, and ad integration are the interesting features.

The users can get VAST/VPAID advertising, certified Google IMA integration, advanced ad scheduling, out-stream ads and other ad support.

JW Player is very flexible. Based on the requirements of the users, there are different ways in which it can put on a webpage. Basic and advanced embedding methods are available.

These are chosen based on where the player and the video host. Single line embed is suitable for individual publishers. The only line embed code can obtain from a dashboard.

The process is the simplest way to use the player. Copy; paste the code in the body of the page where the video player will appear. Single line embed is not available for those who want to host their own player JavaScript library.

Also, check out “50 Facts And Figures About JW Player”


For those who want to host own player and use the services of the JW platform, custom embed is the most suitable one. Download the player from the dashboard, get the license key, and follow the instructions carefully. Write the embed code for the page.

The Ultimate Guide to Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video Player

360 degree video is the trend and most of the social websites are now allowing sharing of 360 degree videos and live streaming. There is several 3D 360 degree video players available online for playing these videos. Kolor Eyes 360 Degree HTML video player is one among them.

This is a HTML 360 degree video player. WebGL technology is the base for this video player, which is made by KOLOR. The user can zoom in, zoom out turn around the virtual reality video they are watching. Projection modes available are six. Animation can be added to the video while it is playing. Kolor Eyes also allows the user to tune camera settings. Kolor is a leader in image-stitching and 360-degree video solutions in the world.

Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video player

This is a 360 degree player which can be used for free. The user can play and interact with the videos in 360 degrees on his PC. Connect the VR headset with iOS or Android devices and watch movies online, apart from watching the virtual reality movies. Kolor Eyes 360° HTML5 Video player is compatible with Windows, Mach, iOS, and Android devices. The 360-degree videos can zoom in and out, and visual effects can be applied with Kolar eyes.

Kolor Eyes 360° Live Streaming

Kolar announced 360 degree live streaming in the year 2014. The Autopano technology of Kolor allows real-time stitching of the video streams. Multiple video streams captured, and the final video lives broadcasted through Kolor eyes player. The audience can interact with the video through smartphones, televisions, computers, tablets and other devices.

Kolor Eyes 360° Advantages and Feature

Color Eyes is designed for watching virtual reality videos. This displays various 3D modes. Color Eyes 360 degrees can download from the website of the developer. The player supports up to an 8K resolution of 360-degree videos. The user can rotate the screen using the mouse on the video. The cursor can be moved in any direction so that the display angle changed. Another interesting feature of this video display is that the video which is playing can be zoomed in and out with the mouse.

Volume control and an option of a full screen being common features in the Kolar Eyes video player, five different modes. It also supports Oculus Rift, which means the user can take advantage of VR technology to watch the videos. This video player also supports Leap Motion Controllers. This is based on Kolar eyes natives SDK and runs on iPads since the second generation. It required iOS 6 or higher versions. The supported formats of videos are MP4, MOV, MR4, etc.

The free native app of Kolar’s eyes can be downloaded for playing the 360-degree videos on Android and iOS mobile devices. Even on older generation phones, the videos play smoothly. It is easy to play 360 videos smoothly on the Android app of Kolor’s eye. All the user has to do is tap the start button. Both iOS and Android apps offer side by side VR viewing mode. A recall of the important features of Kolor Eye 360 degree video player –

• Little planet, mirror ball, standard and rectilinear projection modes

• Eight image effects

• 360 degree interactivity

• pixel-precise projection

• gyroscope support

Kolor Eyes comes with incredible features. The video player for iOS, Android, HTML5, Mac, and Windows. Exclusive content can b streamed by putting the phone into head mount display. Users can access their account to download or stream videos using Kolor Eyes.

Introduction to bitdash MPEG-DASH HTML5 Video Player

The Bitdash is the best connect with the High optimized MPEG-DASH clients. It is used to deliver the best performance of streaming and the excellent experience of the user to the multiple platforms and as well as towards the numerous devices. It also continued in the Different research and development investments that can incorporate the technology of patents and can deliver efficiently 101 percent of efficient output in media which has a good experience with high quality comparatively adaptive streaming.

Bitdash MPEG-DASH adapted to the US patents and the algorithms that streamed which perform the better adaptive streaming that is compatible with the Content of MPEG –DASH. The streaming client allows using the platforms without any support of MPEG- DASH support to have coverage at maximum.

It is the future of online video streaming in which the consumption of the video helps us towards the linear ads traditionally which were on demand and the traffic expected to be more than 80 percent in 2018. The streaming of the media is a bit complex for all the providers of the content and delivers the content at consistent rates with a very low delay of startups, and also there will not be any buffering and has excellent media quality that challenges the complexity which introduces the various formats that include the HEVC. The previous streaming adaptations such as Microsoft smooth streaming share the same principles with the DASH, and it has the independent standard that has good quality.