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IMessage on PC is allowed to download and utilize it on your PC or Laptop on Windows 8.1/8/10/7/xp 32/64 bit or Mac PC this application is authoritatively accessible. Take after these means for utilizing this on your PC and you can without much of a stretch download iMessage for Windows PC and iMessage for Mac OS and appreciate the free. Keep reading to learn how to use iMessage on Windows 10/8/7. Quick Guide to Get iMessage on Mac. Before we dive into the methods to use iMessage on PC, let’s first learn how to set up iMessage on your Mac. If you are new to the Mac or have never set up Messages before, you can follow the steps below to get started with iMessage: Step 1: On.

iMessage become very popular among iOS users than using WhatsApp and Facebook messenger Apps. It offers the best and reliable message service using cellular data. As we know, Apple products are expensive, and their quality is high. If you already have an iPhone or iPad, you must know about the features and the quality. They are using a Message service called iMessage.So, they are using iMessage to send messages between iOS devices. You may hear about users are trying to use iMessage for PC to send iMessage from Windows computers. Therefore, iMessage work with Apple devices such as Phone, iPad, and other iOS devices. But in this article, we are going to introduce a method to download iMessage on PC. You can follow the guide below.

What is iMessage for windows PC

In General, iMessage is a messaging app that does not use any text quota from your cellular account. So it means this message services transferring messages via the internet. It is essential to connect with the internet to send messages via iMessage. You may have seen iMessage App is available in iPad (wifi only version) and iPod touch, which can use though Wifi only. iMessage app provides many features than a basic messaging app. So, you can send Text, Images, Audio, Video, location sharing, and many things with the help of the iMessage App. Because of these features, most of are trying a way to how to download iMessage for PC. Hence, This article guides you on how to install iMessage on PC with easy methods.

Can We Use iMessage for PC ( Windows 10, 8 and 7)

Non iOS users keep asking that, can we use iMessage without using any iOS product. Well, This is the topic that we will talk about today. As we know, iMessages able to connect Mac without any issue. Apple provides an option for all apple users because of both hardware and software manufactured by Apple. But can we connect iMessage with windows? iMessage is not available for Windows PC. Which means there are no official ways to connect iMessage for Windows 10, 8, 7. But there is a simple method that we can use to connect iMessage on PC. Let’s see what the possible way to how to download iMessage on PC Windows.

What are Features of iMessage for windows 10

iMessage is the best app to connect with our family and friends. There are certain features about iMessage for windows, and there are some additional features than the regular messaging app. iMessage for PC become the most popular messaging app among iOS and MAC community. Therefore. Windows community also gets access to this iMessage for PC. That’s why iMessage also become famous in windows users.

1. As we talked before, iMessage is a service that includes with inbuilt message app in iOS devices. It helps to send Text, Image, Video Gif, or any other message to iOS users. It needs the internet to send the message. But when you are out of the internet, the message will convert in to SMS and send as SMS to the receiver.

2. iMessage also like other messaging app. Therefore iMessage for windows also able to send Text, Image, Video, Audio, Gif, and more. Comparing SMS and MMS, this is the best way to send a message to others.

3. iMessage for PC also like other messaging app. Once you send any message, it can track with the delivery report. This means, Once a user sends any message, he can see whether the receiver got and read the message.

How to get iMessage on Windows PC

First of all, we want to tell you that If you wish to use iMessage on Windows, then you need to follow some small steps before you go. There is no official released iMessage for windows pc version by apple. But there are some ways to get this on to your PC. You can choose what method suits you. Let see how to get this done.

How to use iMessage online on Mac OS Computer


Those who have Mac, they can follow this guideline to get iMessage online to Mac OS. You must have a working Mac with Internet connection> Follow below instructions to use iMessage online.

Step 1: Now on your Mac computer, launch safari web browser and visit iTunes page.

Step 2: Type iMessage in the search bar and click on iMessage. ( This is the iMessage online app)

Step 3: Now install iMessage app on your Mac computer.

Step 4: Once you are done with the installation, you can use an existing Apple ID and password to log the imessage online app.

Once you are logged in to iMessage online app, You can send any message to your iOS friend free with using the internet. I hope you are clear with iMessage online on Mac OS Guideline.

How to get iMessage on PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 PC)

iMessage officially not available for Windows PC version. So, there is no option to install iMessage On PC. But there are few ways to get iMessage on PC. Let’s see what these methods are.

How to Install Apple’s iMessages on Windows PC Using iPadian

iPadian is an emulator based iMessage installation. There are few more emulators available to get this done. But we will highly recommend iPadian. Because it is safe to use on your windows computer. With this method, it will Support Windows 7, 8, and 10 versions.

1: First of all, you need to install the iPadian emulator on your Windows PC. To get the iPadian install to visit their official webpage and follow the instruction

2: launch iPadian emulator once you are done with the installation part.

3: Now your windows PC looks like Mac OS and Mac dock also visible on the bottom of the screen.

4: Now click on search button and type ” iMessage” and install the app to your Windows PC using iPadian.

Apple imessage for windows 10

5: Now you can launch the iMessage app from your PC and Log in to iMessage using Apple ID and Password.

Now you are done with iMessage on PC.but make sure to, and you cannot run iMessage directly from your windows computer. This means, When you use iMessage again, you need to launch an iPadian emulator and run the iMessage app.

How to use iMessage for windows for PC using MAC

To use this method, you need MAC book with iMessage ( you need to follow method 1 to get iMessage to your Mac) Windows Supported: Windows 7, 8, 10 version PC. In this method, we will access working iMessage Mac with using windows PC. Therefore Mac need to be online with iMessage when you need to use the message from windows PC

1: First of all install chrome browser on both Mac and Windows computer.

2: launch chrome in computes and click menu list on the top right corner (small vertical dots )

3: Click setting and click “Extensions” from the left side.

4: scroll down and click “Get more extensions.”

5: Now search “Chrome Remote Desktop” and install into both computers.

Note: Launch “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Now you have done with installation of Remote Desktop extension. Set up, to access Mac iMessage from your windows PC.

1: Go to chrome and Search for the Host Installer file on your Mac and install it.

2: You need to follow instruction to install.You might be ask apple user ID to finish the installation

3: Now launch chrome and go to setting and click on “Extensions” on the right side

4: Locate Chrome Remote Desktop extension and enable it by a tick to box.

5: Now need to allow the Mac computer to be shared. Just click on on the Remote Desktop icon on right side address bar. Once it was done. It will generate a code, and you need to save it.


6: Now go to Windows PC and launch chrome and go to setting.

7: Click on extension put tick to enabled “Chrome Remote Desktop.”

8: Now you need to click the remote desktop icon on address bar on PC.

9: Now click on the option to connect Chrome remotely. Then it will ask to enter the code which generates on Mac.

Step 10: You can provide the code and get access into Mac from windows PC to use iMessage from PC.

Hope you got an idea about how to use iMessage On PC by using a mac.

How to Download iMessage for PC Using BlueStacks

This is also another emulator that you can use for install iMessage for Windows PC. This is the best emulator after the iPadian emulator. Installation is very simple, and let’s see how to install the BlueStacks emulator to install iMessage for PC.

1: First of all, you need to download BlueStacks emulator setup file. You can download it from the official site.

2: Once the file downloaded, you can install it.

3: After the installation, you can launch BlueStacks and Go to search bar and type “iMessage”

4: Click download, Then iMessage for PC will start to get the download to your Emulator.

Step 5: Once the installation is done. you can launch iMessage app

Step 6: Now you need Apple ID to use iMessage If you don’t have Apple ID create it and use iMessage.

Now you are done with the installation, and you can use iMessage to start sending messages to your family and friends.

How to use iMessage on PC with using jailbroken iPhone

You could follow this method if your iPhone got jailbroken. It helps to get access iMessage for PC. Jailbreaking is a privilege escalation removing software restrictions imposed by Apple. It means you will have root access to your iOS device. Once you have done jailbreak iPhone, you will get the Cydia app to your iPhone. Then you can install many more paid apps free to customize your iOS device as well as you can install new apps that are not available in official Apple AppStore.

We do not recommend to use jailbreaking your iOS device. Because it will avoid your AppleCare warranty. If your iOS device already is jailbroken, you can follow this guideline.

1: Launch Cydia app and get an app called “Remote Messages”. It will cost 4$ and will help you to set up a web-based interface.

2: You will need to do a small setup after downloaded the app.

3: Once the setup is done, you will get an IP address from the app which you can use on your windows PC to Access iMessage.

4: You can use that IP Address in your windows pc web browser and get the full access to using iMessage on PC.

Now you are done the installation. Keep messaging to family and friend by using iMessage on Windows PC

How to use iMessage on PC Complete guide

There are many more functions available in the iMessaging app. It allows sharing links, music, stickers, drawings games and many more.

  • First find iMessage app click on iMessage icon
  • Now it will ask Apple login Credentials. You need to create an Apple ID and password.
  • Once you are done with, log in to iMessage app.
  • Now click create button top right corner and add a number to “To” which you want to send a message
  • Type message and hit on send button. Then the message will send to the user.
  • When you send iMessage, if the send key turns blue colour, then the message will send as iMessage and the key turn to blue, then the message sends as a standard message.
  • You can send any messsage by attaching such as text, audio, video, etc.

iMessage on PC not available to download in windows store. Its only available on Apple apple app store. However, you can download iMessage for Android devices.

What are the features of using iMessage On PC

Link preview in iMessage

In iMessage for PC, when you paste a link in iMessage, with will show up preview image and name of the website. As well as when you send youtube link, receiver able to view videos without having redirecting to youtube.

You can share a link by going to safari and tapping top of the address bar and holding down on the web address to pull up the “Copy” option. Then you can go back to iMessage and paste the address.

Drawing directly in iMessage PC

If you have iMessage open and will show a new option: a drawing keyboard. There are a few tools to make some drawing. Then you can send to your friend. This is very helpful if you are tired of typing message.

How to play games inside iMessage

There are some flash games available in iMessage for PC.when you get bored and want to spend time, and you can try iMessage games to spend a few hours.

Here’s how to send stickers in iMessage

Stickers are new trends in messaging now. You can express your feeling to sticker and send to friends. In iMessage, there are more categories of sticker packages available to download. You can download and use as your needs.

Animation On iMessage

Another excellent feature is sending animation in iMessage. By holding send arrow, you can send many more effects how your message appears or display background effect in the chat screen.

Hope this all of the features helps you to get works more comfortable with iMessage for pc.

Alternative for using iMessage for PC windows

We already talked about four methods that you can install iMessage on PC. There are few alternatives to iMessage for PC. You can use other emulators to get install iMessage on pc like iPadian.

  • iPhone Simulator
  • MobiOne Studio

iMessage on PC – Frequently Asked Questions

What is iMessage app

  • In short, this is an inbuilt app which developed in an iOS device which can help to send a message to others using mobile data.

iMessage compatible with Windows PC

  • There are no any official released about iMessage for pc, Because it only Builds for iOS users only. But there are a few ways that we can try to install iMessage for PC.

What is the difference between iMessage and normal Message service

  • When you send iMessage, it doesn’t count your SMS quota, and it sends a message via mobile data. So, you can send a message with unlimited characters. Another thing is if your receiver not an iMessage user, then you cannot send iMessage to him or her.

Can I get a Video call from iMessage

  • No. you cannot get a call in iMessage. In iOS, they use facetime app to provide this service.

Can I download imessage for pc from windows store?

  • No. iMessage app not available to download windows app store. But its available to download in iMessage for Android devices.

How to uninstall iMessage

  • In iOS, you cannot uninstall iMessage, because it built in feature. If you installed iMessage for PC, you can do it by uninstalling from the emulator.

Read below articles if you faced any errors while installing iMessage for pc


iMessage is the best instant message service for iOS and Mac users. But with the help of some emulator and other software able to install iMessage for PC windows. You can use iMessage for windows 10, 8, and 7. Also, We have discussed four ways of how to download and install iMessage to windows PC. We hope that all of the methods are help you to get in iMessage on PC even you don’t have the iOS device. Just enjoy with iMessage on your desktop.

Texts have taken the place of emails and calls. It is one of the most utilized forms of communication. In case your client sent you some important information regarding the upcoming project you would like to have a backup for your iMessages. It is important to create a strong backup, so that you can use them for your own benefit. Here we have some of the interesting ways to teach you how you can download iMessage for pc.

Part 1. Download iMessages for PC/Mac

There are several options available when you have to back up the required information. However, iMyFone D-Port Pro will simplify the process for you. It is a non-official Apple application that will allow you to backup and restore any kind of data that you want.

iMyFone D-Port Pro Backup & Restore Tool

Imessage For Windows 10

Key Features:

  • You can download only iMessages, so it can save your precious time and space without network connection.
  • Download iMessages, messages, WhatsApp data, WeChat data, Kik messages, notes, voice memo and other 20 types of data to computer.
  • Make a full or partial backup of your iOS devices data and save them to anywhere you want.
  • Transfer iMessages to your new iPhone without resetting your device to factory reset.

Step 1. From the left panel select Back Up & Export from Device and click on Export data.

Download Imessage For Windows 10

Step 2. On the screen you have to select Messages from the type of data. Once selected, click on next and program will start a scan of your existing WhatsApp data.

Step 3. You can preview the messages & iMessages in detail after the scan. Select the iMessages that you need and select your desired format for the data you want to export. Click export and all the files will be exported to computer.

Part 2. Download iMessages to iPhone

Download Imessage For Mac

You can choose to back up iMessages with D-Port Pro, then follow the given steps below if you want to download iMessages to your new iPhone X or iPhone 8.

Step 1. Launch the software and from the main window select the option Restore Backup to Device. On the tab, you can select the iMessage backup.

Step 2. Click Next and the program will ask you to connect your device that you want to download iMessages to.

Download Imessage On Mac

Step 3. On the next window preview and select the iMessages that you want to download on your iPhone. Then click Restore so that you can download the messages on your iPhone.

Step 4. After the restoring has finished, you can view the iMessages on your device.

Apple Imessage Download For Pc

Part 3. Additional Tip: Benefits of Downloading iMessages to PC

1. For Privacy

Most of the time our phone is in the hands of our friends and family members. There might be several chats on your phone that you would never like to share with anyone else. You might have set the lock screen but if your parents want you to open it things can get really serious.

Privacy is very important and a legal right. To assure that no one will see your personal message back up the iMessages. All your important chats will be stored in a secure location. You will be satisfied whenever you have to give your phone to anyone.

2. For Data Backup

This is the age of fast communication and texting is the most reliable source. All the important information is shared through the texts whether it is from banks, office, or some shopping deals that you would like to consider. In this situation when your phone is over-burdened with the texts, it might become hard for you to locate the important text from the bank that you need for your transaction.

The best solution to all these issues is to have iMessage download for pc. In this way, you can save all the important messages separately into different files. It will allow you to keep your inbox clear of all the clutter. An advantage of this process is that you will not have to deal with the memory full notification.

Install Imessage On Mac

3. For Data Management

Our lives are getting extremely busy and in this situation managing your texts seems like a daunting act. You have to a assure that all the messages in your iMessage are properly arranged so that you can quickly access them when you need. It takes time and patience to manage all the data.

When you will have the iMessage download for pc it will get easier for you to manage all the files efficiently. Within seconds the program will automatically separate your messages into different files so that you can access the one that you require. It will help you to save some extra time that you can focus on your business and clients.

How To Get Imessages On Mac

Once you will have the iMessage download for pc facility it will get easier for you to manage all the important information. When you will have the messages on the PC you can easily merge them into one to share with your employees. It will save your time because you will not have to send several messages. On the other hand, you will get the chance to share all the special and funny messages shared by your loved ones. It will allow you to relive the moments even of data has been deleted.

iMyFone D-Port Pro will provide you the perfect help when you have to create a backup or you want to download the messages back to your device. It is an easy to use tool that is upgraded on regular basis to assure that you can get a secure platform for all your backup and restore process. There is a free trial and several affordable packages are available.