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Download ProScan Free Client 16.2. This is a stripped down version of ProScan for connecting to ProScan RSOIP (Remote Server Over IP) Servers in Monitor Client mode only. The Audio Recordings and Logging features are enabled. The Free Client does not remote control the scanner or upload / download data to the scanner. Mac TeamViewer; Hints and tips for using Inteleviewer. If you’re looking for some quick hints and tips to help with Inteleviewer, download our Inteleviewer User Guide below. Download Inteleviewer and Inteleconnect User Guide Inteleviewer Guide. InteleViewer Helpers.

Inteleviewer Home/Office Installation

  • If you receive a security alert, select 'Yes' to proceed.
  • This screen will be displayed:
  • Select 'Download Inteleviewer' (with the appropriate 32 bit, 64 bit or Mac option).
  • Select 'Run'.
  • Select 'Run' again.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions and all the default options – NEXT, NEXT, NEXT

If you already have Inteleviewer installed

Download Inteleviewer For Mac

Intelerad Inteleviewer Download

  • Click your Inteleviewer icon to open the log in screen.
  • Click on 'Edit Bookmarks'
  • Click 'Add'
  • In the Server URL box type (but don't hit RETURN)
  • Click the 'Use Custom Server Name' box and enter a name such as 'Radiology SA PACS', or 'RSA PACS'
  • Click OK
  • Move the new custom server name to the top of the list with the ‘Up’ key if you wish to make this your default
  • Close
  • Log in to Inteleviewer with your initial and surname (eg jsmith) and password
  • Accept if asked to install a software update

To change your password

Premier Radiology Inteleviewer

  • In your internet browser type in the URL:
  • Select 'Continue to this website' if there is a security warning
  • Log in with your initial and surname (eg jsmith) and password
  • Select 'My Profile' on the left hand list of options for the password change.