Download Iphoto For Mac Snow Leopard

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Download Iphoto For Mac Snow Leopard

Free iphoto pour snow leopard download software at UpdateStar - 1,746,000 recognized programs - 5,228,000 known versions - Software News. » mac os x snow leopard. Just did a clean install of Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on an older Mac Mini in our family Apple Mac mini Core 2 Duo 1.83 Specs Mid-2007 ( MB138LL/A - Macmini2,1 - A1176 - 2108 ( Macmini2,1). I cannot install anything later than Snow Leopard on that (I'm pretty sure). I need iPhoto and of course the latest one won't work. Launch Photos in Catalina. Photos can still read and upgrade an iPhoto library, as it doesn’t require launching iPhoto. Photos doesn’t copy the iPhoto images, but it uses a special kind of. Download iPhoto Update (Free) As far as the new HP printer drivers are concerned, version 2.5.2 targets systems with Mac OS X 10.6.1 and newer versions of Snow Leopard installed. Apr 19, 2013 If so go to the App Store, log in with the Apple ID that was used to purchase or register your Mac, click on Purchases and download iPhoto. If your Mac came with Snow Leopard or earlier preinstalled then use the disks that came with your computer to reinstall iPhoto.

In the Source list, click the Photos item.

Free Snow Leopard Download

Your image library appears.


In the Viewer, click the photo with a person you want to tag.

The photo is selected, as indicated by the yellow border.


Click the Name button in the iPhoto toolbar at the bottom of the window.

iPhoto displays the tagging pane. Note that iPhoto has indicated each person’s face in the photo with a label.


Click the Name button in the iPhoto toolbar at the bottom of the window.

iPhoto displays the tagging pane. Note that iPhoto has indicated each person’s face in the photo with a label.


If the face is unrecognized (labeled as unnamed), click the label to open a text box and type the person’s name.

Free Iphoto Download For Mac

If iPhoto recognizes the face correctly and the name matches the person, click the check mark to confirm the tag. If the face is incorrectly identified, click the X and you can enter a new name.

If iPhoto doesn’t recognize a face at all in the photo, click the Add Missing Face button, and iPhoto places a box in the center of the image. Drag the box over the person’s face. If necessary, you can resize the box using the four handles in the corners of the box. Now you can click the label and type the person’s name.


Press Return to save the face.

Notice the expansion button that appears next to the person’s name? Click it, and iPhoto displays other photos that likely contain this person’s face, allowing you to tag them there as well.

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Click Done after you’ve identified all the faces in the photo.

After you’ve tagged an image, it appears in your Faces collection, which you can view by clicking the Faces entry in the Source list.

The mac system is possibly one of the operating systems that have the versatility in terms of swiftness in performance. There are a lot of features that make the Mac operating systems a class apart from other standard operating systems that are available in the market. the most likable option with the Mac OS system is that it has a very user-friendly software that doesn’t take a lot of time to start working on it efficiently.

Now there are various other features such as the support of the application in Mac Operating systems that make them even more famous. The best part about the application in the Mac operating system is the easy operating feature of all the applications that are featured in the system. One such revolutionary application that made the Mac operating system liked by many is definitely the iPhoto 9 application.

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As the name itself suggests, the iPhoto 9 is an image viewing software that comes along with the Mac operating systems to help you view your images stored in your Mac system. there are a lot of features with the application that makes it very much likable in terms of user interface and as well as adaptability.


The application is a full-fledged application that makes your photo viewing experience, one of a kind. Some of the features that added up to the impeccable usage of the application are listed below;

1. User Interface that is so attractive


Apple has always been the pioneer in designing application software as well as hardware that has improved reliability and credibility when it comes to using them. They have always tried to simplify the process and ensure that there are no hassles while you operate. The same goes for the iPhoto 9 application in the Mac Operating System platform with the user interface of the system tweaked to enable max performance and ensure that there are no hassles along the way.

The interactive option where you can delete unwanted photos by clicking and dragging them right into the trash, makes them look even more attractive in their stance. The usual way of right-clicking on the photo and selecting the delete option made the photos deleting process a tedious one. But with the new update of the iPhoto application, Apple ruled out the hassle.

2. Importing and Exporting is a fun thing to do now

With the updated version of the iPhoto 9 application, now the user is enabled to export all the photos that he/she has in the photo stream into the application using the export file command in the File menu. This cuts down on the usually hard to understand exporting process and makes the user export with delight.

There is also an additional feature where the photos that you add from the import are editable making sure that you don’t have to save them again to run the editing process. There is more to this with increased stability in the importing and exporting options of the iPhoto 9 application.

3. Viewing experience at its best

There were a lot of fundamental problems that were faced by the users at the beginning where they had to make sure that the photo to be in the correct viewing angle through manual adjustments, which was pretty painful to operate for many. Sometime the auto-rotate feature of the application wouldn’t work making the users have a hard time selecting the correct orientation to view their pictures.

All these were rectified in the new version of the iPhoto application with an enhanced software framework of the application.

Iphoto For Mac Os X

4. Syncing Issues resolved

Now the biggest hassle the older versions of iPhoto faced was the usage of the application wasn’t so well responding in syncing to social media platforms to share your pictures. The application would close down without any trace making the users have a hard time sync photos and upload to their Facebook wall or any other social media stream.

The same was resolved with the new update of the iPhoto 9 and that made surer that there is more to make the system usable for uploading posts on social media.

6. Minor Bug improvements

There were minor bugs that were spread across the platform and that made the user experience a little patchy. But all those minor bugs of integrating the calendar and page number error were fixed as with the new rolled out update. There was more of a very user-friendly experience with the new upgrade and the users seem to be happy with the overall performance of the iPhoto 9 with the release of the new update.

Mac os snow leopard iso

System requirements

Mac Os Snow Leopard Iso

The application is an in-built application that pretty much comes standard with all the Mac Operating systems. The only main thing is that the minimum operating system to support the new version of the iPhoto application was that you must be using Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

Download the iPhoto 9 for Mac OS

Snow Leopard Disk Image Download

You can download the iPhoto 9 installer file from the below link and make sure that you have the latest operating system for the Mac to make sure that you don’t have any hassles in running the application after installation.