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Here are the steps to install Plex Media Player on Mac. Step 1: Now download the Plex Media file from the website. Step 2: Once the file gets downloaded Unzip it and drag the Plex Media Player app file to your Applications folder. Step 3: Launch the Plex Media Player app from the Applications folder. Using Plex Web App on Mac. Plex can enable the best streaming devices available to serve your content anywhere. Our live streaming app will give your media the Hollywood treatment.

Plex is a comprehensive video and audio player, aimed to work as a media center for your living room, thanks to an interface that looks like one of a SmartTV, and a graphical menu filled with possibilities to sync your media library and play it online.
One of the greatest benefits of Plex is its ability to automatically get information about each movie or series that you have, showing you its cover, a short description, and many other interesting details. All this information is perfectly integrated in the menu, to offer a true media center experience.
The player incorporates features that let you mark your favorite content, insert and adjust subtitles, play the most popular formats, and search your collection using different filters, including one that filters the content you have already seen. Apart from all these features, its greatest trick lets you remotely interact with a device that has Plex Media Server installed (also available on Uptodown), so you can play movies remotely, even if they are saved into a different device that is connected to the network.
Download Plex Media Player For MacRequirementsDownload Plex Media Player For MacDownload Plex Media Player For Mac

Plex Media Server Download

Available for Max OS X 10.5 or higher.

Plex Media Server is an app that lets you create and manage a multimedia server from your own Mac. It's an incredibly useful program that makes your files accessible from other devices, whether it be another Mac, PC, smartphone, tablet, console, Chromecast ... the possibilities are endless.
Once you've installed Plex Media Server, the program runs in the background on your Mac so you can enjoy all its features. Through this app, you can manage all the multimedia files you have, as well as organize the different folders where they're stored. It's a must-have app for using all the possibilities Plex has to offer.
If you want to manage everything the best way possible, you'll have to create an account and use it on your devices to synchronize your library wherever you want to use it.
You'll need to download Plex Media Server in order to use this streaming service for your own files. It's an incredibly intuitive tool and it uses metadata from different open source libraries to complete the information about files that don't have it.
Plex media player mac

Plex Media Player Mac

By Nelson de Benito