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Is it possible to turn off “find my iPhone” without password or iPhone itself? You are likely saying no, you are not alone if you think it cannot be done. After all, many iPhone users are not familiar with different methods that can be used to solve any iPhone related issues. Turning off “find my iPhone” without password or iPhone is pretty easy. We are going to show just how easy it is.

  • Part 1: Turn off “Find My iPhone” without Password
  • Part 2: Turn off “Find My iPhone” from iCloud - Password Needed
  • Part 3: Avoid Privacy Leak When Find My iPhone Has Been Turned Off

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Part 1: How to Turn off “Find My iPhone” without Password

It sounds impossible to turn off Find My iPhone without password. However, if you are an iOS 7 user, it can be achieved easily. Below are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Open your iPhone, go to Settings>iCloud>Account.
Step 2: Delete the current password and input any code into it, then click Done.
Step 3: There will be a pop-up window shows you that “User name or password is incorrect”.
Step 4: Tap Ok and then Cancel.
Step 5: Go to your iCloud account again.
Step 6: Delete the description, tap Done, then you will go back to the iCloud main interface automatically.
Step 7: Scroll down to Find My iPhone, you will found that it is disabled.

Part 2: Turn off “Find My iPhone” without iPhone from

Alright, the first step toward turning off “find my iPhone” without using your iPhone device is to use your computer for the task. From the computer, we are going to log into and perform the task right from there. The steps below will get you through.

Step 1: From your computer, login to and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
Step 2: Once inside, click “All Devices” which is at the top on your screen.

Step 3: Choose your device.
Step 4: Ignore the Window and go to the next.
Step 5: You will see the name of your device, click it

Find My Iphone On Pc

Step 6: Now, “X” will appear next to the device you selected. Click on it.
Step 7: “Remove” will appear on the next Window.

Step 8: Click Remove.
Step 9: Done!

Find My Iphone For Mac Free Download

So simple, right? So, that is how to turn off “find my iPhone” without your iPhone device.

However, if you are not very sure of the above steps, you can watch a YouTube video that highlights it better. But, to save your time, follow this link to look at a tutorial on turning off “find my iPhone” without using your iPhone device:

Part 3: Avoid Privacy Leak When Find My iPhone Has Been Turned Off

Find My For Mac

You should note once the Find My iPhone has been turned off, it’s not safe for the private data on your device. If you need to completely reset your iPhone, especially for resale or giving away, you should do a full reset instead of a normal reset.

Find my iphone download app

Just unlike a normal reset in which data is recoverable, iMyFone Umate Pro Win/Mac offers the complete and full erasure for iOS device for privacy protection. It’s recommended as you can reset all data or selectively erase some data.

Steps to Completely Reset Your iDevice for Privacy Protection

Note: To permanently reset your iDevice, the “Find My iPhone” should be disabled.

Step 1. Connect your iDevice to computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro.

Step 2. Choose Erase All Data mode from the left side. Click on Erase button.
Note: If you want to selectively reset iPad data, you can choose “Erase Private Data” mode. If you want to erase previously deleted files from iPhone, choose “Erase Deleted Files” tab.

Step 3. Type “delete” into the box and confirm by tapping “Erase Now” button.

Umate Pro is strongly recommended by professional software review media, like, MacWorld, APPKED, pocket-lint, etc.


Key Features of iMyFone Umate Pro

  • 100% Unrecoverable: All the data erased by Umate Pro is in 0% recovery rate, by any recovery tool or organizations.
  • Previously deleted files which are still recoverable will be found out and permanently destroyed.
  • Selective erasure allows you to wipe private messages, call logs, notes, history, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp/WeChat/Kik/Viber data and more.
  • All the private fragments left by third-party apps will be cleared up completely.
  • 1-click cleanup to free up space and speed up iPhone, by cleaning the junk, cache, temporary files, and more.

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