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Scrabble is a Scrabble board game simulator, designed for use on Windows.


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Scrabble is a world-famous (or perhaps word-famous) board game where you assemble words from a collection of seven letters given to you as your 'hand', and place them on a game board stuffed with bonus tiles. You build off of existing words, and your opponents' own words can build off of yours, so Scrabble has a surprising amount of strategy, and supports both aggressive and defensive playstyles!

Download Scrabble For My Computer

This Scrabble applet functions more like a Scrabble game board than a full remake of Scrabble. It doesn't include a dictionary or a word checker, for instance, and it lacks some of the functions you might expect from a Scrabble 'suite', like the Scrabble Deluxe game board with quadruple word score tiles and so on.

Within the confines of its one game board, however, Scrabble is fairly easy to use. Its network connection features are very reliable, based on those of other Windows applets, although they are a bit sparse, with barely any chat features. Similarly, the program runs quickly and doesn't have many bugs, but as a sort of trade-off, everything but the board looks very plain, with no bells and whistles and a slightly dismal black background.

Overall, if you're looking to play Scrabble on your computer, this is one way to do it. More advanced alternatives exist, as do flashier ones, but this Scrabble applet is probably the simplest and easiest way to play Scrabble on your computer, either by yourself or with friends.



Free Scrabble For Mac

  • Fast and responsive
  • Has both single-player and multiplayer game modes


download free, software For Mac

  • Lacks many famous Scrabble variants, such as Scrabble Deluxe; only one board
  • No in-game dictionary included, not even the Scrabble dictionary