How To Download Music On Itunes For Free On Mac

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Preview, buy and download music from your favourite artists on iTunes. You'll find more than 37 million high-quality songs starting from just 69p. is another free music downloader for itunes that allows you to get free music downloads. When you click on “Free Music Download” button at the page, you will get a list of free music.

How To Download Music On Itunes For Free On Mac

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I'm looking for best free iTunes music download sites, who can help?

How To Download Music On Itunes For Free On Mac

If you are looking for best free iTunes music download sites, then keep reading this article since you will know of top sites that you can use. Across the Internet, you will notice that various websites have thousands of music that you can download, but you do not have an idea on which site to exactly use. We are going to review ten sites, which will make it easier to pick and use to download music.

Part 1. Best Free Music Downloader Websites to Download Music to iTunes

Latest Itunes Download For Mac

SoundCloud is the home of online music streaming sites as well as podcasts. SoundCloud allows you to follow people and explore the content they upload. On this website, you will find latest free music that you can download to your iTunes.


  • It has tones of music libraries.
  • You can share music with your friends.
  • Cons:

    • Its search is not that good.

    You can also find free music downloading for itunes on Free Music Archive. The music content is categorized to different genres like Blues, country, jazz, rock, pop and much more. You can also get top charts of all time or weekly and monthly charts.


    • It curates music from other sites like 12Rec, and radio station thus providing huge library of music.


    • It has few music library compared to other music sites.

    NoiseTrade is another music site that you can visit and download music to your iTunes. The music files are well listed with song covers and titles.


    • Songs are categorized to different genres.
    • It displays songs that are trending songs.


    • You may fail to get songs of popular artistes. is another free music downloader for itunes that allows you to get free music downloads. When you click on “Free Music Download” button at the page, you will get a list of free music.


    • You can stream live music.
    • It has a multilingual interface.
    • It displays newly released songs.


    • Free music for downloads are limited.

    If you want a site that you can explore different music genres as well as radio stations, then visit Jamendo. Its user interface is also very simple. You will also find a number of playlists. Download free palylist to iTunes is also available.


    • Downloads are fast.
    • It has huge music libraries.
    • It supports sharing of music files.


    • Not all music are free.

    On BeeMP3 website you will be able to downloads tons of free music in MP3 format. Its search button is very responsive and it allows you to enter up to 5 keywords.


    • It has popular music by popular artists.
    • You can stream music.
    • It is free to use.


    • You can only download music in MP3 format.

    MusOpen is also a free website that you can find free music without copyrights. This site also has free recordings and textbooks. The content is organized alphabetically for easy acess.You could get free iTunes music recorded from this websites.


    • It has royalty free music.
    • You can browse music according to composer, year, performer and instrument.


    • It just focuses on classical music.

    This streaming music site allows you to download music in MP3 format. You can search for songs using keywords or paste URL link from other streaming sites like YouTube, very easy to download free music to iTunes.


    • It displays bitrate of the song you want to download.
    • It allows one to play music.
    • It displays the source of the song such YouTube or Vimeo.


    • It has annoying ads.

    SoundClick allows you to browse and download music according to genres and top charts. This website has nearly all music genres such as pop, jazz, acoustic, metal, rock urban and much more. This website is not fancy, but trust me you will get nearly all the music that you want.


    • It has a music store.
    • You can manage your stations.
    • You can stream music online.


    • It user interface is not appealing.

    You can also check on Audio Archive to get free audios and music recording of radios shows, podcasts and programs. On this free music download site, you can also get movies, images, data and concerts.


    • It has thousands of free music.
    • You can also download podcasts.
    • It is easy to use.


    • It focuses on old music thus you may fail to get latest music.

    Part 2. Best Free Music Downloader for iTunes - iMusic

    Having learnt about best websites that you can download music freely, it is essential to learn about a software that allows you to download free music from all these best download websites. An ideal software that not only supports ten websites but more than 3000 sharing sites is iMusic software. From these sites, you will be able to download music directly to your iTunes library. Once you have downloaded them, you will have the liberty to transfer the music files to your iOS device or your Android phone. Furthermore, iMusic allows you to download music as well as playlist from its inbuilt music library.

    iMusic - Best Music Downloader to Download Music to iTunes

    • iMusic supports download of music from more than 3000 music sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Hulu, etc.
    • It records music with ID3 tags being labelled automatically from online sites.
    • iMusic allows you to manage your iTunes library by deleting duplicates, erasing broken files, adding covers to your music.
    • It is built with a music toolkit, which enables you to rip CD music, convert music and form car playlist.
    • iMusic can also import music from your mobile device to iTunes Library.
    • Backup and recover the iTunes Library automatically.
    • Fix ID3 tags, like artist name, song title, year and genre automatically.

    How to Download Music from Any Site to iTunes using iMusic:

    Step 1. Launch iMusic software

    On your computer, double-click on iMusic to open it and click on “GET MUSIC” icon.

    Step 2. Select Music site

    After clicking on “GET MUSIC”, you can then click on “DOWNLOAD” button. You will then see a list of sites below the copy and paste URL button. Scroll through and select any site that you want such Vevo. Next, search for the music file that you want and move to the next step.

    Step 3. Select output format and Download Music

    After that select the output format of your music and click on “Download” button. Once the file has been downloaded, you can locate them under “Library” icon.

    There you go use iMusic software to get any music genre from the ten listed sites above. It is easy to use, and it has fast download speed. From these sites, you can also record music.

    Bonus: How to Transfer Music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes Easily

    Video Tutorial: iMusic- Transfer Music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes

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How to download free music to itunes on macbook pro

by Jenefey AaronUpdated on 2020-03-23 / Update for iTunes Tips

For all the music lovers out there, we know you love to stock up your iTunes library and listen to the songs every now and then. But you don't always need to spend your hard earned money to get iTunes music downloaded to your iTunes library. We have brought to you the top 5 methods to get free iTunes music. Now, if you are looking for the same, then you have fallen to the right place. Let's uncover the ways with which you can get free iTunes music downloaded.

Part1: Download Free iTunes Music Here

This section encloses 5 proven ways to download iTunes music and that too for free along with their step by step tutorial.

No.1: Get Free iTunes Music from Music Sites

Though this first method is quite time consuming but this certainly is worth it. Look out over the internet for some free music websites. For instance, websites like MP3XD, MP3juices, Zing MP3 or Emp3z are some of the examples that can help you to get free iTunes music. Here's what you need to do in order to download iTunes music for free.

How to download music from youtube to itunes for free on mac

Note: Please remember these websites shoots a lot of pop up adverts on your screen that may annoy you and make this process a little difficult for you to perform.

Step 1 – Visit the free music provider website and then search for the desired music track or album.

Step 2 – Open the preferred link of the album or your music track out of the several results that you'll get to see on the upcoming results page.

Step 3 – Lastly, verify if the sound track is what you were looking for and then hit the Download link/button.

Caution: Please ensure to click on the correct 'Download link/button'. Because these sort of websites have many deceptive buttons that looks quite original and may lead to another website which could be unsafe or harmful to get on. Or, often times it can also lead to installing crapwares over your computer.

No.2. Using Free On iTunes Feature


Unlike the first method, this next method is absolutely safe as we are going to download the music from iTunes itself. So let's understand how to get free iTunes music with the below mentioned guide.

Step 1 – First, head over to the iTunes homepage and scroll down to the bottom where you'll find a section named as 'Free on iTunes'. Well, yes, there's whole new list of free songs and other data which gets updated over iTunes every single day.

Step 2 – Now, browse the 'Free on iTunes' section to get your free iTunes music downloaded to your library.

No.3: Using Music-oriented Podcasts

You can also get free iTunes music by using the Music-oriented Podcasts as well and this is the next method that we are going to explore.

How To Download Free Music To Itunes On Macbook Pro

Step 1 – Boot up the iTunes app on your PC or iPhone and then visit iTunes Store. Tap on 'Podcasts' using the navigation links available at the top.

Step 2 – Then, you need to look for music-oriented podcasts. To look for it, hit on the 'Podcast Quick Links' from the right and select the 'Music' option from the drop down menu. You can then browse for your desired songs and get them downloaded to your library for free.

No.4: Using Pick of the Week from Starbucks

A yet another way to get free iTunes music is via the Starbucks trending promotional offer, i.e. 'Pick of the Week' gift coupons. Here's how to get this into execution.

Step 1 – Acquire a 'Pick of the Week' song card to redeem it on iTunes. Every song card has a unique code on it which usually values $1.99 to redeem.

Step 2 – Next, visit the iTunes store homepage and using the quick links, redeem your song card. Once you're done with it, browse for your desired music file and get it downloaded and saved into your library for free.

No.5: Get Free iTunes Music from YouTube

The next method we have for you to get free iTunes music is via the YouTube website. This method is a bit complicated but certainly helps you to get any desired song for free. Here's how to do it.

Step 1 – Visit YouTube and browse for your desired music track. Now, copy the website URL from the top.

Step 2 – Next, search over Google for a reliable website which converts YouTube links to a music file. Then, paste the copied URL over the field provided on the website and get the converted music file downloaded to your PC.

How To Get Free Itunes Music

Part2: How to Transfer Downloaded Music among iDevices and Computer

So you've got the free iTunes music downloaded to your PC but how do get that music transferred to your iDevices from your computer? Introducing, Tenorshare iCareFone, a powerful tool to efficiently transfer your music or other files on your computer to any of your iDevices (or vice versa) in just a matter of single click. With this mighty tool you can also perform selective or complete backup and restore operations. Moreover, you can also manage your data over your iDevice with its unique file management feature. Here's what you need to do in order to transfer downloaded music to your iDevice.

Step 1 – First, download the Tenorshare iCareFone software and get it installed over your computer. Launch the tool and select the 'Manage' tab from the navigation bar at the top.

Step 2 – Next, select the 'Music' bar from the category section on the left. Then, to transfer music files from your computer to your iDevice, hit on Import button then locate the desired music files over the local storage. Lastly hit 'Open' and you're done.

How To Download Free Music To Itunes On Macbook Air


How To Download Music Onto Itunes

We are now positive that you have full understanding with the best ways to get free iTunes music and how to get the music transferred to your iDevices using the recommended tool, i.e. Tenorshare iCareFone and that too with just a matter of a single click.