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Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport icon and checkmark will be displayed near (or in) the browser's address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport; If the site is unprotected, a grey icon will display instead; IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is offered by IBM. IBM is responsible for the accessibility of its.

Download for Windows or Mac. Download Legal: The download link will take you to the IBM website, where you can begin the IBM Trusteer Rapport software download. Go to and click the Download links button. Select your bank from the menu, and then click the Mac OS X icon. A dialog box opens. Click Save File to download the Rapport.dmg file. Get Download Get IBM Security Trusteer Rapport download, Opens in a new tab We're dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of online security, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the financial information you entrust to us. Download for Windows or Mac. Download Legal: The download link will take you to the IBM website, where you can begin the IBM Trusteer Rapport software download.

Online Banking

We strongly recommend you download the FREE Rapport security software, to help guard yourself against internet banking identify theft and fraud. It’s designed with Santander in mind, and protects the connection between your computer and online banking.


Rapport strengthens your online security by ‘locking down’ the connection between your computer, keyboard and Santander Online Banking. It helps stop your data going to counterfeit sites, so you can be safe in the knowledge that only you are transacting on your account. Rapport doesn’t replace the benefits of anti-virus and firewall software or your unique image and phrase when accessing our online banking – it works alongside them to provide increased protection when transacting online (anti-virus software helps to stop threats by scanning your PC and looking for suspicious files and firewalls hide your computer from attackers, and help stop criminals getting data in and out of your computer).

  • Safeguard your identity – identity theft is one of the fastest-growing threats in the UK.
  • Peace of mind – Rapport tells you that you really are connected to your bank, and not a fraudulent website.
  • Protect your passwords – helps stop fraudsters accessing on your online banking details.
  • Well proven – Rapport was developed by the online security experts at Trusteer.
  • Easy to use and install – it’s a simple and free download to each computer you use to bank online. Technical support is also available.
  • Specially configured for Santander – and ready to help protect your online banking with us.
  • Flexible – once downloaded you can set up the software to protect any website that uses private or personal data.
  • Ahead of the game – Rapport doesn’t rely on constant updates to stop fraudsters.
  • Fast – Rapport is a small piece of software. It’s designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before.
  • Compatible – works alongside your existing valuable anti-virus and firewall protection.
Ibm Trusteer Rapport Download For Mac

To download Rapport simply click on the link at the bottom of the page and follow the on screen instructions. The software is specially configured and is ready to use with Santander Online Banking.

You should download it to each computer you use for online banking to ensure that you are protected at all times. If you wish to download Rapport to a work PC, check with your employer as they may not allow downloads to their PCs.

Trusteer Rapport

When you download Rapport, you will never be asked to provide any of your personal details. Look out for the Rapport icon which appears next to your browser’s address bar.

Ibm Trusteer Download

If the icon is green - you’re protected and your information is safe:

Ibm Trusteer Rapport Download For MacIbm

If the icon is grey then Rapport is not safe-guarding your information:

If you need help downloading Rapport, or any assistance once it is installed, please request a call-back or have an online chat with a Trusteer security representative

Which browsers and Operating Systems are supported by Rapport?

Details of the browsers and operating systems supported by Rapport can be found on their website:

Download the free Rapport security software to help guard yourself against internet banking identity theft and fraud.

Rapport is a compliment to anti-virus software and firewalls you may already have in place, and helps prevent against malicious software (“malware”). We recommend you install Rapport to any computer you use for online banking.

Ibm Trusteer Rapport Download For Mac

Ibm Trusteer Rapport Edge

  • FREE to download and includes all future software updates
  • Ensures you are genuinely on our site – versus a fake site – even if your computer has a virus
  • Prevents your login ID, passwords, and other sensitive information from being stolen by malware and fraudulent websites
  • Protects your browser when communicating with our website and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions
  • Trusteer Rapport works with, but does not replace, your anti-virus software and firewall