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IBM Lotus Forms Viewer (masqform.exe). IBM Forms Viewer is a free-to-use feature-rich desktop application for Windows used to view, fill, sign, submit, and route electronic forms. It provides a compelling, interactive user experience, lower total cost of ownership, and improved process automation. For your operating system, search for and download IBM Forms Viewer 8.2 (part number CN4YRML). Unpack the part into a temporary directory on your system. Log on as an administrator, run the installer, and follow the instructions. For more information, refer to the IBM Forms Forms Experience Quick Start Guide at the following web page.

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IBM purchased PureEdge Viewer in 2005, replacing it with Lotus Forms Viewer. Lotus Forms Viewer is for viewing and filling out XFDL forms.


Lotus Forms Viewer v3.5.1 FixPack 2

The installer contains several sub-installers. Use 7-Zip to manually extract 'LFViewer_351_Win32_NOJVM.exe' from the installer downloaded above.

I've also added an install line for unzipping all of the forms to the All Users Desktop. You can remove this line and the '7zip' depends line, if this step is not needed.

Lotus Forms Viewer Software

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The crystal reports generated are in the form of RPT formats. These files are used for business-oriented reporting. You always don’t need crystal report viewer software to view or edit these files. There are many RPT file viewer software or online utilities which help you in viewing the RPT files. This software provides you all the features which the crystal report software has a very little or no cost.



Lotus Forms Viewer Download

It is a low-cost software which saves your money of purchasing the costly crystal report software. It has a support for a lot of features like a report scheduler, the capability to e-mail reports, automatic latest updates, password protection, custom date variables, command line support, etc. You can also download a 30-day trial before purchasing the full version.

The Report Viewer

This software allows you to open, view, export, refresh and email your crystal reports. It has a great support for many features. It can also refresh and connect to any data source which the crystal reports support. It also can pass the database credentials automatically. The software supports a lot of languages.

Army lotus form viewer

Groff Automation

This software stores all the reports in a Compact Ms-SQL database. It also supports sending email functionality through Gmail. The software also can export your crystal report in the form of pdf, doc, xml, doc, rtf, etc. The trial version can be downloaded, but to get optimal benefits, you can download the full version and enjoy its benefits.

Report Viewer

This Microsoft RPT file viewer software, free download can also be used in place of the crystal report. This software comes with the controls which can help you in viewing the necessary business-driven crystal reports. With crystal reports, you can also read the Microsoft designed reports with this software.

CRW Reporting for Android


This software has two editions – professional edition and standard edition. The standard edition is the simpler version with no features like security. The professional version offers you security and allows the developer to group reports. Also, this RPT file viewer online makes it simple to edit CRW reports.


Crystal Reports Viewer for Mac

Army Lotus Form Viewer

This software has different versions of Mac and Windows you can download. You can easily view, refresh and email your reports. This RPT file viewer download software allows you to share your reports online for free. You can share your reports on the SAP community as well.

ViewerFX – Most Popular Software

This crystal report viewer has a lot of features like interactive report viewing, security features, encryption in emails, organizing reports, compatibility, emailing reports directly to your contacts on your outlook. You can download the trial version and check before buying the licence. You can also maintain control so that users can get the information they need. You can also see Visio Viewer

What is RPT File Viewer?

The crystal reports which are business-driven reports comes in the format of RPT. So, to access these crystal reports, you need crystal report viewer. But, it would cost a lot and hence there are a lot of software which can access the crystal report for a little cost. An RPT file viewer allows you to view, refers, email and do other changes on the crystal reports. You can also see Raw Photo Viewer

Lotus Forms Viewer Windows 10

It also adds a security feature to your reports. It can also collect data from different databases and present it in a report. The RPT viewer is similar to the crystal report viewer but also have other features which are useful.

Lotus Forms Viewer Free

The RPT file viewer is a special software by which a user can view crystal reports. Some software also provides the capability of editing, refreshing and emailing the crystal reports. A user if requires can use the trial version of the software before proceeding to buy the licensed version of the same.

Lotus Forms Viewer Download For Mac

Ibm Lotus Forms Viewer

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