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Microsoft office communicator for mac free download - Microsoft Teams for Windows 10, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, and many more programs. Zoiper, the free softphone to make VoIP calls through your PBX or favorite SIP provider. Available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac and Linux. DOWNLOAD FOR MAC. DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS. With ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator) you can pull your team into the same virtual room. ZAC incorporates all the interoffice communication features—presence status, secure group chat, web conference, drag and drop call operations—into an easy to use collaboration tool. With no need for an.

Office Communicator Download

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When all your employees are under the same roof, it’s easy to get the group together to collaborate. But when your employees are working remotely, how do you pull everyone together?

With ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator) you can pull your team into the same virtual room.

ZAC incorporates all the interoffice communication features—presence status, secure group chat, web conference, drag and drop call operations—into an easy to use collaboration tool.

Communicating and collaborating locally or remotely has never been easier!

Work Anywhere. Work Everywhere.

MicrosoftMicrosoft communicator for mac

ZAC Manages Your Communications So You Don’t Have To

  • Personalized buddy list of colleagues
  • Simple way to show availability via Presence state and notes
  • Customized popup alerts for changes in coworkers’ Presence
  • Visual interface for managing multiple calls
  • Drag and drop to transfer calls to contact
  • Convert any call into a conference call

Always Stay Connected with Your Team

Microsoft Communicator Download

ZAC’ Group Chat (Team Messaging) feature is a virtual conference room to collaborate. Group Chat allows for an intuitive and integrated method of communication between teams regardless of their physical location. Send secure instant messages between team members whether they are using ZAC on their desktop or Zultys Mobile on iPhone and Android devices. Adding a new member to the Group Chat takes seconds with an easy drag and drop operation.
Team members can post ideas, proposals, and tasks and be assured that the entire team sees them. With a simple click, any member of the team can start a conference call and employees can freely jump on and off the call at their convenience.

Invite Anyone to Collaborate

Office Communicator For Mac Free Download

When you need to bring in contacts outside the organization to work together on a project, you don’t need to launch a separate application for their benefit. You can temporarily enable their access to your ZAC group or start a new chat session with the contact. This process is easily initiated with a link and the external contact can use any browser to launch a chat session. They can even share their screen. It is extremely convenient to keep all project communications, both internal and external, in a single platform. Just scroll through the chat session for records of all the interactions.

Manage Voice and Fax Messages

ZAC’s visual voice mail interface eliminates the hassle of listening to messages in the order they came in. If an employee can tell from the first five seconds of a message that it’s meant for someone else, it can be sent to the correct person right away. No need to listen to the full five minutes of recording or navigate a complicated menu. The transferred message will appear in the coworker’s voicemail inbox instantly and can even include a quick note from the employee who made the transfer.

ZAC can send and receive fax messages straight from the application from anywhere, with no need for an office fax machine. Incoming faxes can be viewed in ZAC or email and can be transferred to other employees if necessary. The company can save on both expenses and time.

Contact Center Agents Supported

ZAC supports a range of Operator Groups and multiple levels of Agent Roles, and lets users log into multiple roles simultaneously. An employee logs into their Agent role to receive calls for the Call Group. Incoming call group calls are distinguished from calls to their user’s extension, so employees can adjust their greeting accordingly. Agents can make outbound calls with the Group’s caller ID. In the Agent Roles screen, agents can check the status of their fellow group members in a single screen.

Prioritize Important Calls

With ZAC, employees can configure call handling rules that will automatically route incoming calls based on predetermined conditions. For example, calls from important clients will always reach their account manager: forward these clients’ calls to the manager’s cell phone, or immediately redirect the calls to another employee if the account manager happens to be on vacation.

The Find Me/Follow Me feature allows the system to ring up to 16 different phone numbers to reach the employee for an important phone call or to notify them of an urgent message. Ensure that the callers who really matter will always reach a live person.

Share Your Files or Your Screen

Tired of digging through email threads looking for an attachment file? Don’t want to manage a separate application for screensharing?

ZAC can do it all! Share files or your screen with coworkers in ZAC through a secure connection instead.

Browse to the file directory to attach a file to your chat message or drag-and-drop images and files into the ZAC window with the user-to-user IM session open. Alternatively, simply paste any file or image previously copied onto the computer’s clipboard right into the message area. All the recently shared files are saved directly in ZAC. And you can share files, send IMs, manage your audio conversation and share a screen with coworkers all in a single interface.

  • Easy access to corporate employee directory, instant messaging, voice mail, and contacts
  • Instantly know the status of team members and place calls, send messages, or voice mails with a click of a button
  • Handle calls through an easy to use interface and utilize intuitive drag-n-drop options to transfer calls
  • Built-in softphone
  • Team messaging and conference calling
  • Robust call handling rules
  • Voicemail notification rules that determine how voice messages are handled
  • Send and receive FAX messages
  • Browse the corporate directory, create personalize buddy list and save custom contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Invite contacts outside the organization to join the collaboration
  • Share files with coworkers via secure IMs
  • Send SMS messages from ZAC
  • Screenshare with coworkers and users outside your organization
  • Automatic and on-demand call recording – press record at any time and capture the entire call
  • Designate any phone as your business phone – a SIP phone, an analog phone, a mobile phone or home office phone. Easily switch between one phone and the other in seconds
  • Schedule conferences and collaborative online meetings
  • ScreenDial feature allows a user to highlight a telephone number in any application and have ZAC dial the highlighted number
  • Support for Call Group functionality. Agents can log into multiple call groups and handle incoming and outgoing calls for the groups in ZAC
  • Take notes and record account info within the application; notes can be transferred to coworkers along with the call
  • Supported on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Devices
  • Full support for Plantronics HUB software

PC Requirements:

  • Version – Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • RAM – 256 MB standard
  • Processor – 1 GHz minimum
  • Hard Drive Space – 200 MB

MAC Requirements:

Communicator For Mac Download

  • Version – OS X v10.13 or higher (64-bit only)
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Processor – 1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (64-bit)
  • Hard Drive Space – 150 MB

Microsoft Office Communicator Free

Other Requirements:

Microsoft Office Communicator For Mac Free Download

  • MX software version 12.0.7. MX release 16.0.2 is recommended for full functionality
  • ZAC/MXIE license for each user
  • Security certificate installed on the MX